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Vertex Piston Top End Kit Yamaha Yz250 2000-2018 size "B" 66.35mm

Vertex Piston Top End Kit Yamaha Yz250 2000-2018 size "B" 66.35mm

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  • MSRP: $129.95
  • You Save: $12.99 (10%)
  • Brand: Vertex
  • Size: B- 66.35mm
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: 175-22584B-WPS
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 22584B
  • Surface Finish: Aluminum
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Part Brand: Vertex Pistons
  • Part Type: Piston Kit
  • Placement on Vehicle: Left*Right*Front*Rear
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy
  • Compatible Make: Yamaha
  • Compatible Model: Yz 250
  • Years: 2000-2018
  • Quanity: 1

In Stock Ready to Ship.

Vertex 2-Stroke Piston Kit - Stock Bore

Piston - "B" 66.35mm

Yamaha Yz250 2000-2018

Important Note:
 This piston is for a stock sized bore. Please measure your cylinder to check clearance before ordering.

Vertex offers A, B, C, D, sizes so that the customer can properly fit each 
piston to the cylinder. The difference in the sizes is 0.01mm (0.0004")
increments with A being the smallest and D the biggest. When a cylinder
wears, the customer can choose the next larger piston size to regain the
proper factory fitment.

As a general rule use the following: A (0 to 50 hours) B (50 to 100 hours) C (100 to 150 hours) D (150-up hours)

As the O.E. supplier of two-stroke pistons to KTM, Vertex Pistons has an outstanding reputation for quality and performance. Each gravity cast piston is created with only premium aluminum alloys utilizing an 12 - 21% silicon content.

The silicon content in Vertex pistons is crucial to the quality of the piston. Silicon is critical in decreasing thermal expansion which, when an engine reaches normal operating temperatures, can change the geometry of the piston. Controlling this expansion means that a Vertex piston can be run at tighter tolerances for more power, less noise and a longer lifespan of the piston. Plus, the silicon content decreases wear on the piston skirt which also aids in the life of the piston.

In addition to the silicon, each Vertex piston utilizes a unique Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) coating which aids in the break-in process and reduces overall wear.

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