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Big Gun TFI Power Box Polaris Ranger Xp 900 2013 2014 2015 New Model 40-R54M

Big Gun TFI Power Box Polaris Ranger Xp 900  2013 2014 2015 New Model 40-R54M

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  • MSRP: $289.99
  • You Save: $58.00 (20%)
  • Brand: Big Gun Exhaust
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: 40-R54M
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 40-R54M
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Make: Polaris
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front
  • Fits: UTV
  • Model: Ranger XP 900
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Compatible Make: Polaris
  • Compatible Model: Ranger Xp 900
  • Years: 2013-2015

Big Gun Exhaust Power Box

Fuel Management Controllers Instant 3-5 Horse Power Gains

Polaris Ranger Xp 900 2013 2014 2015 year models


Plug N' Play Installation
Minutes to Install, Base Settings are Preset

Uses Unique Load Based Technology

Offers Full Range Tunability

Does Not Interfere with Stock ECU Operation

Simple Push Button Adjustment Interface


Simply plug the included connector into the existing factory wiring harnesses, mount the controller for easy access, and make the adjustments without ever leaving the seat of your bike/ATV.

Big Gun TFI Power Box are trick for several off-road fuel injected vehicles. Not merely do these units permit for better power but they provide the proper fuel needed to go fast as well as keep your engine happy. These units are manufactured  to make for adjusting very simple with the push of a button you can simply regulate for more or less fuel in whichever part of the control range you feel you need. Why buy the Big Gun power box over additional items similar to the Power Commander? Simple- Once you get past the noticeable advantage (the price) our technology has even more to offer. First effortlessness of fine-tuning allows anybody the ability to achieve an optimum fuel mixture setting for their motorcycle or atv. No laptop computers are necessary, nor are any complicated spread sheets with over 100 unusual adjustments, no internet downloads, or dynamometer interfaces. This simplicity allows you to improve YOUR fuel settings to make best use of drive ability and performance. Secondly, this product is load based, which allows you to keep your stock fuel economy even as the accelerator pump characteristic improves roll-on power. All made without having to use any tools simply push the buttons plus dial in the setting its that easy! For the most part users notice an increase of 3-5 horsepower when using this component.

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